Customer Care Conversations: Purchasing from the Techstreet retail store

Meet Jess Turner—Customer Care Representative since January 2022 

 Customer Question: “Where can I find more information about purchasing from Techstreet’s Retail Store?” 

Jess’s Answer: Great question. Many details can be found on the ‘Need Help’ page, found at the top right of your screen. 


You can access everything from the types of document formats and descriptions to accepted payment methods. We also offer helpful links to assist with downloading and troubleshooting where necessary. 


Our help center is a wealth of knowledge at the touch of your fingers and is available 24/7.  Here at Techstreet, we work hard to ensure that our customers feel empowered and confident having this knowledge available at any time and that our Customer Care team are here to help. 


“Techstreet is by far the elite reseller in the standards industry. Since commencing, being part of the Customer Care team, I have been delighted with the collaboration and shared customer focus that motivates each of our team members to consistently provide the best possible experience to our end users. Walking our customers through the design, content, and resources that are available on our webstore is easy and defiantly gives Techstreet a competitive advantage.” -Jess Turner 


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