My Tracker

Master the world of changing standards with the original internet standards tracking service.

Quick. Easy to use. No purchase required.

Access My Tracker™ in four simple steps:

  1. Create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Browse our database for standards relevant to your industry.
  3. Click the “Track It” button on your search results or the document detail page. This automatically adds the item to your My Tracker list.
  4. Get email alerts every time a document on the list is updated, amended, withdrawn or replaced.

Why My Tracker?

Stay compliant. Stay relevant.

Constantly monitoring ongoing standards and content updates is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Yet, staying up to date is vital to help your organization stay protected with the latest regulatory withdrawals, updates, revisions, amendments, or new standard issues. It’s how you eliminate risk, assure quality, remain compliant and maintain your competitive advantage – essential in today’s global economy.

The great news is My Tracker will do it all for you. It’s quick, easy – and absolutely free.

How does My Tracker work?

Automated updates at the touch of a button.

My Tracker is a fully automated, free email alert service that allows you to track an unlimited number of standards from our extensive list of global publishers.

  • Every standard or document you purchase is automatically added to your My Tracker list
  • Simply log in to check the status of your tracked items
  • Updated items will appear on the top of your list*
  • Filter and sort, add or delete documents at any time
  • Easily identify the most recent changes
  • Check that you have the most up-to-date version*

* There may be delays between approval and public release date for the published document.

My Tracker has helped our customers across a range of industries.

How does tracking work on Techstreet Enterprise?

For those with an online subscription.

Standards monitoring is easy on the Techstreet Enterprise platform:

  • Track any standard or other document by adding it to a list, which can be private, public or group. It doesn’t matter if the document is part of your subscription. If you add it to a list, you will receive an email alert every time there’s an update. Other users may also subscribe to receiving list alerts.
  • If you download a document, you will automatically receive an email alert whenever there’s an update to that document.
  • Users can set up a Subscription Update email alert to be notified whenever there’s a change to the overall subscription.

Need help with your My Tracker list?

Techstreet can build a list for you.

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