Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Techstreet Enterprise?

A: Multi-user, web-based access to a custom set of industry codes and standards in PDF format.

Q: How does it work?

A: You select the standards you need for your organization. Documents are stored on our secure web server, Users log in to view documents 24/7, in any location worldwide, using an Internet browser.

Q: Is Techstreet Enterprise a standing order service?

A: Yes. For one annual fee, you get free automatic updates in PDF format for all the standards in your subscription, when updates are released from publishers.

Q: Can I order hard copy documents as part of my subscription?

A: Techstreet Enterprise subscribed content is available through our web-based service. We do offer the ability to purchase physical books or single user licenses of additional content through your subscription as single copy purchases. Please contact your account representative about setting up your single copy purchasing account.

Q: Can I purchase one document on subscription?

A: Some publishers allow this, others do not. A Techstreet account representative can recommend the best solution based on your enterprise needs.

Q: What are the advantages of Techstreet Enterprise?

A: Techstreet Enterprise gives you value in a managed information solution. You control spend with automatic updates, custom content and by not having to purchase multiple copies of the same document. You save time by not having to chase down document updates.

Q: How can my organization benefit?

A: Easy enterprise access to a controlled set of current industry standards is a smart way to satisfy requirements for compliance, auditing and regulatory programs at local, national and international levels. It can help eliminate design and production errors, speed product time to market and keep your organization operating efficiently in a competitive global marketplace.

Q: What are the advantages for organizations?

A: Techstreet Enterprise is like having your very own document controller. We keep track of document updates so you don’t have to. Users log in from their desktop or laptop and know they’re getting exactly the information they need.

Q: What does a subscription cost?

A: Cost is based on publisher prices for the content you choose, the number of seats and number of different locations.

Q: What are the subscription terms?

A: Typically, a subscription agreement is for 12 months, but you can also subscribe for 24 or 36 months.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Tell us the publishers you need and approximate number of users and locations. If you’re not sure, we’ll help you determine the best content for your business. We have many different options to suit your needs and budget:

Building Blocks –  Pre-purchase blocks of documents by publisher and add standards to your subscription as you go.

Publisher Sets –  Complete sets or subject sets from over 150 content publishers.

Industry Packages – Comprehensive expert collections tailored for your industry.

Custom Collection –  Mix and match full sets, subject sets, and individual documents.